Object Tracking

Tracking your assets has never been easier, more reliable and cost effective.

By combining GPS satellite or alternative positioning technologies, mobile communications, software systems such as GDi GISDATA’s LBS Engine – FleetManager and Internet you can accurately pin-point the exact location of your property in real-time.

Keeping track of your fleet’s movements helps keeping costs down and makes you more productive. Full scale fleet management system such as LBSE – FM will not only track your vehicles but provide you with the means to take care of your fleet. You can let the fleet management application take care of the mileage and inform you when vehicles need to be serviced.

But with GPS technology becoming smaller by the day it is not only vehicles that can be tracked. On the other hand it is not only GPS that can be used for tracking your assets. Positioning mobile phones and RFID technology can also be used for object tracking.

And with Internet based applications for delivering maps your assets can be tracked wherever they are and wherever you are. Please contact us for more information on object tracking.